Dissemination from the TC in Bansko – Hungary

The Erasmus+ experience „Entrepreneurship+” in Bansko was one of the most useful trainings I have ever attended!
Georgi Kuzmanov provided professional coordination for the entire project: he was smootly introducing the topic but still giving firm frames to the program including the check-up of buses. He was well balancing the different levels of background of participants, not letting anyone behing the others.

Stefan Vartolomeev then took us to the world of startups, explaining about the theory but also about his personal experience, how he started a startup and then sold it, how he started a started a startup and failed it and how he started his current startup that he is successfully running. It was such a practical real-life example to which every one of us could relate and helped the group really get the
idea of this kind of business.

Velina Dragiyska finally brought us the actual knowledge of „what is” and „how to’s” around startups, being a consultant for that industry for about 10 years. She told us about the curve how a dream might become a working business modeal. She clarified the most important definitions regarding startups and managed to make us comfortable with even the legal and financial parts – earning, she highlighted the most relevant legal steps and tax information we should bear in mind once we start abusiness. She even gave us her contact for the future which is a gift, since such consultancy is sovaluable for all of us who already does have a potential startup in mind…

Bansko was the perfect location for an inspiring training like this one! Some of my impressions:

  • for one afternoon we had outside activity so that we could check out the city itself – the exercise
    helped us to discover the must-see spots,
  • the international night was luckily not full of food waste as usually but smartly organised which I
    likes a lot,
  • the hotel was cosy, neat and the staff was truly helpful.
  • There in Bankso, in Casa Karina we had all the opportunities to deeply get into the startup field while allowing enough breaks to digest what we have learnt. The well organised preparation and practical infopack, the careful facilitation of Georgi, the impressive background and expertise of Stefan and Velina, the exciting topic and the engagement of the participants made this project a real success which we all appreciate a lot!

ICRP team participant to TC in Bansko

Dissemination from the TC in Bansko

Having the opportunity to participate in a European project with ASUL as a part of this organization has been amazing. During this Training Course (TC) in Bulgaria in the city of Bansko we really felt the European values with participants from all over Europe. We had the occasion to share thoughts and ideas, Learn and really build a strong link between us. This was very important because gave us the possibility to understand better how the organizations from different parts of Europe are working in the field of youth and also how they are focusing their strengths by building in young Europeans the key soft and hard skills needed in the labor market.
Personally, this experience has been very positive as it is one of my firsts projects since I join ASUL few months ago. I had the chance to build new relationships, meet new cultures and discover wonderful places.
This experience has been very inspiring also as I really felt in a very concrete way the hard work and passion put during all the preparation of the project and I sense the importance of the work that we are doing.

Seeing all those other youth workers preparing and placing their efforts in building a better environment for the youth boosted my motivation and made me feel good about everything I was doing.

Finally, I am very happy about the progress of this project and I believe that is through everybody hard work, motivation and passion that we can all add our drop of water to the glass of change. It is wonderful to see that together we can build interesting and new environments through new ideas to develop new skills and add value to the world we live in, having a real impact in other people lives.

ASUL team participants to TC in Bansko

Last day of Training Course in Bansko

And here we go with our last day of Training event under @KA2-Entrepreneurship plus held in Bansko, Bulgaria.
On the last day the participants had the opportunity to share their ideas – developed during the training. As a final of the course we delivered Youthpass certificates to all participants.


Yesterday we had the honor of having as a special guest speaker Velina Dragiyska, a young entrepreneur who introduced us to and deepen the world of entrepreneurship.

In the first part of the day Velina explained how to do a successful business and the importance of “Value proposition”.

In the afternoon people presented their business idea talking about how to develop it step by step, from the idea to the realization.
Later we discussed the problems and obstacles that a company may encounter and how to reduce them by focusing on “market validation”.

Day 3 of the training course in Bansko

This morning we had a special guest speaker- Stefan, who did a wonderful workshop on vision, goals and company values.
In the afternoon the people continued to learn concepts concerning entrepreneurship through a series of activities and games focused on topics such as risk, competition and debate.

During the evening we had a relaxing session and we had a discussion on the topic of business development!


In the first part of the day the Erasmus + program was presented with its opportunities for youth.
Then the people participated in activity that aimed to define the concepts of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, enterprise and business.

In the afternoon the focus shifted to the situation regarding work and employment in the countries included in the project and others games linked to explain what is entrepreneurship!


The Training course started and the participants got to know each other and builded successful Team!

The people were involved in a series of activities and games based on the principles of non-formal education.

During the evening they organized an “Intercultural Night” to present their country and we all had fun together before the next working day!


Dissemination event in hungary

The Institute for Cultural Relations Policy (ICRP) provides activity in Entrepreneurship plus. Discussion about types of entrepreneurship, their opportunities, success acceleration.

Dissemination event in Hungary

The training module, organised by Institute for Cultural Relations Policy (ICRP), based in Budapest, Hungary and focuses on global intercultural dialogue, the promotion and protection of International Human Rights, the recognition of cultural diversity and religious and minority issues.

Regarding ENTREPRENEURSHIP+ in September 2019 youth training was dedicated for the main aim to present and discuss practical methods, tools and practices that they can adopt and adapt to their context and so make it easier to promote entrepreneurship among young people.
the discussion contained such issues as establishing a business idea with the following process of financing business, starting a Business in Hungary – a procedure defining.
The results of this training module were implemented in the brochure with detailed explanations and summaries of the information that was presented during the training.