Final meeting of the project


Cesar Beltran (ASUL),
Georgi Kuzmanov (Alternativi International),
Andras Lorincz (Kulturalis Kapcsolatokert Alapitvany,
Anna Sarkisyan (Kulturalis Kapcsolatokert Alapitvany),
Meeting was also attended by two officers of Bureau International Jeunesse (BIJ).

Meeting Venue: Rue du Commerce 18, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium (Bureau International Jeunesse (BIJ) office)
Date: 14/12/2019
Meeting Agenda: From 9.30 am to 5.00 pm

Morning Session
9.30 am – 09.45 am: Welcome by the host, Cesar Beltran (ASUL), and brief presentation of each partner representative.
9.45 am – 10.45 am: Checking the project’s Intellectual Output 1, carried out by Futuro Digitale:

-Via skype the representative of Futuro Digitale (which could not come to Brussels due to last minute Alitalia air strike) presented to all partners the Online Moodle Platform and discussed the main figures (n. of users enrolled, n. of users who passed the quizzes, number of users enrolled for each module, n. of users per country, etc.). Partners agreed that Futuro Digitale needs to close the Moodle and also Moodle inscription. The partner will also have to give details of the people that took the modules (nationality and numbers).

-Partners decided that Alternativi International (Bulgaria) will be responsible to issue the certificate of accomplishment to users that passed the quizzes in all of the four modules
and required certificate.

– Additionally, an evaluation questionnaire has to be sent by Futuro Digitale to all users that will pass the quizzes in all of the four modules. Survey will be done by EUSurvey.
Evaluation questionnaire + Certificate (Bulgaria)

Questions (Scale 1/5)
1. What is your overall satisfaction of the Moodle?
2. What do you think about the quality of content?
3. Was the course useful to your personal/professional development?
4. What would you improve?
5. Do you want to receive a certificate attesting your participation?

If yes, confirm your subscription details are correct.

Afterwards partners discussed to disseminate further the Online Moodle Platform by email-list of each partner.

10.45 am – 11.30 am: Partners discussed “Short-term joint staff training events (Bansko, Bulgaria)” held in October 2019. Dissemination of youth workers present to the training have to be uploaded on project website by partner from Bulgaria.

11.30 am – 1.30 pm: Partners discussed the Digital Guide of best practices (IO2) (Output leader: KKA). Set of the main deadlines. All partners come with a proposal layout and topics from
which were chosen 5 topics for 5 chapters.

1. Introduction
2. Future perspectives of entrepreneurial education
3. Youth workers challenges and opportunities
4. Tips and recommendations
5. Methods and tools of E+
6. Best practice – each country
7. Conclusion


02/29/2019=>Best practice chapter
3/21/2019=>First draft
4/15/2019=>Final draft
4/30/2019=>Final English version
05/30/2019=>Translated versions

The structure of best practices will be the following:

– Implementing organisations/Organisations involved
– Period of implementation
– Objectives of the best practice/method
– Description of the best practice/method
– Results of the best practice/method
– Sources

1.30 pm – 2.30 pm – Lunch break
2.30 pm – 4.30 pm: Open discussion about:

– Project communication and set of the calendar for the dissemination strategy (online dissemination using social media platforms),

– Output justification excel timesheet, presented by the partner from Bulgaria,

– Project state of art and monitoring,

-Transfer of the last budget tranche. This will happen when the Bureau International Jeunesse (BIJ) will evaluate positively the final report of the project on the Mobility Tool and send to ASUL the last budget tranche of 20%.

-Date of the final online meeting. The final online meeting among all partners will happen on 29th June of 2020.

4.30 pm – 5.00 pm: Closing Meeting

Release of Certificate of Attendances to partners’ project managers by ASUL.